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The Support Group Network aims to maximise the support available to bullied targets by helping to build up the number of workplace bullying support groups worldwide. We currently have 6 groups in the various stages of starting up, three in England, one in Scotland, one in France and one in South Africa.

Membership of the Network for someone wishing to set up a new group can provide the experience of established group organisers, personal support and online discussion. A resource library is also available to Network members that includes many of the processes, policies and ideas that you may need to set up your group plus specially written material including a paper on Sustainable Support Systems for Workplace Bullying Support Groups.

In addition, jfo is committed to the Network and offers website design, hosting and email forwarding free of charge to those groups who share a similar commitment. This offer is made because it is understood that support groups are usually without funding and targets are often not in a position to help towards costs. This offer from jfo will save the group annual domain and hosting fees, whilst allowing a voice on the internet, although groups may still have their own domain and still host on jfo. All content is entirely the responsibility of the individual group. More details on this can be found here.

We welcome applications to join the Network from anyone considering setting up a group in any country, the job is unpaid but highly satisfying! We will help you all we can in the set up and in the promotion of your group, and then on an ongoing basis as a member of the Network.

Within jfo:i, there are many different experiences that people may share. One of these is helping others and includes those who set up support groups. Why not have a read to see what you can get out of running a support group?

Although there could never be enough support groups, some areas have a higher concentration of groups than others. We would particularly encourage new support groups in the US, Canada and Australia.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please apply here:

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