Campaigning against Workplace Bullying

The Network now has a base of enough members to start getting seriously involved in campaigning. It is hoped that by campaigning as a Network, it will bring a louder, more united voice to targets in the fight to combat workplace bullying.

It is planned that each campaign will have at least one lead member from the Network, who will represent all members of those groups who wish to be included in the campaign, as not every campaign will affect or interest all groups. We will report the progress all of the campaigns that we get involved in, in the forthcoming regular newsletter Network News,

If you know of a campaign that you think the Network should be involved in, please let us know!

Current Network Campaigns

New! Network supports Ban Bullying Day 2006!
The Network are lending their support to this years annual awareness campaign, Ban Bullying Day. For more information and find out how you can get involved, please see the new website


Network Lead - Andy Taylor, Freedom to Care

Groups Represented - Freedom to Care, LSG

Freedom to Care are concerned about Corporate Responsibility, so this was ideal for them to lead on. More detail can be found about the CORE campaign here.

More announcements to follow....

To see what campaigning you could get involved in as an individual, please see the jfo campaigning section


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