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B.C.A.S. - Bullying, Conciliation & Advisory Service


BCAS was founded by Andy Taylor in 2002, with the aim of helping employees and contractors of SunGard Sherwood, Atos Origin and DEFRA, following personal experience in dealing with the three organisations.

Andy is a member of the Andrea Adams Trust, the only UK Charity dedicated to tackling Workplace Bullying. Their helpline is operational between 10.00 and 16.00 Monday to Friday on 01273 704900, this is a totally confidential information and support service which is free apart from the cost of a telephone call.

Andy became a director of Freedom to Care, a whistleblowing organisation that promotes corporate responsibility, in 2002.

The main ethics of BCAS was developed from Freedom to Care and is interested in solving individual issues and by helping the organisations to a better understanding of workplace abuse, i.e. workplace abuse causes serious health problems, such as PTSD. Prevent future serious cases by education and sound corporate and individual responsibility.

If you have found you are having problems drop us a line.


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