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B.C.A.S. - Bullying, Conciliation & Advisory Service


Internal Services Available

DEFRA employees and contractors working on DEFRA sites enjoy a wealth of procedures, guidelines and services. These can all be accessed via the DEFRA Intranet. DEFRA has stated that there have been problems and is committed to being a caring responsable employer.

Welfare Services

The welfare service is a very comprehensive and is worthy of it’s name. It vists all sites and details of when is on the intranet. Following recent meetings it has been agreed that sub-contractors can access this facility.

Equal Opps and Diversity Unit

This department is involved with bullying and harasement, and is closely allied to the welfare department. Again there are a significant number of policies. If you are experiancing bullying / discrimination or unfair treatment this department this department will be involved.

Health and Safety

It is the duty of all employers to have a regard for health and safty matters. This includes mental health guidelines.

DEFRA Website

BCAS is about finding solutions for all parties that brings about a happy and expedient outcome. BCAS will give you support and advice if you do not trust or if you are unsure where to go.

If you have found you are having problems drop us a line.


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