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Philosophy and aims of jfo

jfo aims to be the ultimate resource for victims by bringing together information, ideas, people and groups so that we truly make a difference.

We, as a community of people who have suffered from workplace bullying, all have different needs. This can range from where you are, why you were bullied and how you were affected. There are many websites out there and it's hard to collate the information and help we need from many different sources. Usually, action or projects are undertaken a solo endeavour, which itself can be a barrier for many. This may mean the project is from one viewpoint, one persons experience or knowledge and so is one more piece of the jigsaw for victims.

Furthermore, individual projects are subject to that persons limited resources, which may change depending on their circumstances and why some websites do not evolve as planned (or as needed by victims). And when that individual is ready to move on, what then? Is that person left with a legacy that they feel they must continue with, beyond when is good or right for them? Or does it just die and is lost forever?

There is so much talent, knowledge, experience and ideas between us, it makes sense not to pool it. So this is what jfo aims to do. We started with a website and interactive forums but we plan to create a one-stop shop where a victim can get the help, support and advice they need. It'll take a lot of resources, why not join us?

So, to the question 'what is jfo', it's an organisation, a toolkit, an environment, information hub, knowledgebase, a community - a revolution.

Whatever they say – just fight on
Whatever they do – just fight on
Whenever you stumble – just fight on
Bullying will never cease – let’s all just fight on

Just Fight On! was founded by Jo Anne Brown in 2004 and is currently being formalised. Our aims and objectives will be covered in more specific detail once our formalisation and future direction is made public.

Just Fight On!
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