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What is jfo:i?

To provide the best value and most effective use for current and future targets, jfo will provide both standard/static information and interaction. jfo is for its users and the best way to put this into effect was through the use of an interactive database.

jfo:i enables the jfo project to be interactive

jfo:i is the solution to an interactive database and has been imaginatively exploited. It allows users to input their own content in many areas, which also solves one part of a resourcing issue. Users will not be bombarded with advertising or spam (or even offers of penile enlargements, sorry!) as jfo:i is a privately paid for resource and only accessible via the jfo website.

Access to jfo:i is restricted in some areas - this is marked by *** in the forum name

jfo and jfo:i is for you
make it what you want - make it what you need

To access the interactive database from any page, please click the jfo:i logo or click here.


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