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Dolly and Hedgie Hedges

My name is Dolly and I am two leaps old and my favourite colour is blue. Along with by companion Hedgie, (favourite colour green), with one of the big people called Da. We look after him and make sure that he is happy. I do the nursing duties and supervise everything. It makes my fins curl when he gets upset by the bullies. Hedgie gets prickly about it as well and has had his winter hibernation disturbed, he enjoys a good nap, as he goes to the Tribunal secretly in Da’s pocket to give support and report to me what happened. He is a bit shy of the limelight and shuns publicity.

We three, Dolly, Da and Hedgie have had a traumatic time and though we occassionally get out, and meet other pals it is difficult to see where the next penny is coming from. I had a nice holiday with Nymphy and we conferred about the trials and tribulations of takng care of the big folk. She even taught me how to flipperty flip!

I think he is stirring so I had better go, as he will need his morning cuddle and Hedgie needs waking for the snooker.
Dolly Hedges

More photos of Dolly

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