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 Campaigning against Workplace Bullying

Here are just some of the many current campaigns and laws that deal with workplace bullying that you may wish to get involved in. For extra impact, targets are advised to campaign where possible with others. This may be with a support group that is a member of the Support Group Network, or if you do not have access to a face to face group, you may wish to join the jfo:i Online Support Group so that your voice can still be heard.


You may also wish to see what action is happening in other countries, as above.

Can you help other targets to take action by submitting current or updated details of campaigns and laws in your country for inclusion on this page? Your contribution will be gratefully received and fully acknowledged on jfo.

Dignity at Work Bill
The Dignity at Work Bill is being lead in the House of Lords by Baroness Gibson and in the House of Commons by Valerie Davey MP. The Bill past through the House of Lords but did not make it through the House of Commons. Further attempts will be made. See also Ban Bullying Day information

The Dignity at Work Bill

Individual or collective submissions made to the House of Lords meeting:

Tim Field - DAWN - Jo Anne Brown (for those who attended, this was that speech)

Would you like your submission publishing here?

Corporate Responsibility Bill
The Bill would help stop big companies wrecking the planet, and
instead harness their innovation and enterprise to improve our
environment. The Bill requires be
tter reporting such as companies should report any major impacts they've had on people and the environment and use this to improve each year.
More than 300 MPs have already expressed support for these proposals so there is a good chance of the Bill becoming law.


Email an MP now

Latest News - 30th January 2004
This legislation, which could have ensured UK businesses behave in an ethical and socially responsible way, has been blocked by the Government. Despite the call for it to be debated at committee stage being backed by a coalition of more than 300 MPs, UK businesses, environment and human rights groups and
trade unions, it was "talked out" by the Government at
its second reading
. More

Why does the government frustrate any efforts to ensure companies are responsible, such as through the Corporate Responsibility Bill and the Dignity at Work Bill?

Corporate Manslaughter Bill
The Queen's Speech (Dec 2003) made no mention of legislation on reform to the law of corporate manslaughter although the Government has committed to publish a Bill by the end of the year.

More information

More on corporate manslaughter.

News: The Bill will make it easier to imprison directors and managers of private companies for manslaughter offences but almost impossible to prosecute ministers whose departments will be able to claim Crown immunity.

News: More Delays for Corporate Killing Law


Who is your MP?

Write to your MP or fax.

Question: If the Bill is introduced, what are the chances of a prosecution for suicide committed because of workplace bullying? :-S

CORE is the corporate responsibility coalition. You can join CORE as an individual or as a group. Two Support Group Network members, London Support Group and Freedom to Care, have both joined CORE to add their support.

More about CORE


Write to your MP
Regardless of the current campaigns and laws, it is always advisable to write to your MP to tell them what you have suffered and lost through workplace bullying. Some are already against workplace bullying and this will harden their resolve, for others, maybe it will bring them over from the dark side? ;-)


Sample letter

Who is your MP?

Fax your MP

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders for the workplace
Do you remember when Labour said they would be tough on crime? Well, they say that they are taking on the people who spoil it for the rest of us - shutting up noisy neighbours; cracking down on crime and anti social behaviour; and cleaning up our local streets. They also say there is more to do like extending fines for drunken louts and introducing new powers for police and local councils to tackle graffiti and fly tipping.

jfo say there is even more to do than that but they are actively ignoring it: tackling anti-social behaviour in the workplace i.e. workplace bullying. They, and other political parties, frustrated efforts to get the Dignity at Work Bill and Corporate Responsibility Bill past in the House of Commons.

Questions to be answered
Has the government done its sums to see how much workplace bullying costs - lower productivity; medical costs - medication, GP's, psychiatrists, therapists; SSP; loss of tax revenue; payment of state benefits?

The government owe it to the people of Britain to treat this as the serious threat to society, emotionally and financially, that it is and take action now.

More Information & Action
Labours commitment to be tough on crime

If your MP is a Labour MP, why not write to them to ask what they are doing to get legislation for all victims of bullying.

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