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 Campaigning against Workplace Bullying

Here are just some of the many current campaigns and laws that deal with workplace bullying that you may wish to get involved in. For extra impact, targets are advised to campaign where possible with others. This may be with a support group that is a member of the Support Group Network, or if you do not have access to a face to face group, you may wish to join the jfo:i Online Support Group so that your voice can still be heard.


You may also wish to see what action is happening in other countries, as above.

Can you help other targets to take action by submitting current or updated details of campaigns and laws in your country for inclusion on this page? Your contribution will be gratefully received and fully acknowledged on jfo.

Industrial Manslaughter

The ACT has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to pass legislation creating the offence of Industrial Manslaughter. The Crimes (Industrial Manslaughter) Bill 2002 was passed by the Government with the support of crossbenchers Kerrie Tucker MLA (Green), Roslyn Dundas MLA (Democrat) and Helen Cross MLA (Independent).

More Information

More details including an Industrial Manslaughter Fact Sheet.



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